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Our Mission

We provide free laptops, tablets, robots and internet access to seriously ill children for educational purposes. We envision all seriously ill children in America continuing their education uninterrupted despite their medical condition or financial limitation. We provide the tools and support needed to connect children, face-to-face with their classrooms and teachers, family and friends and medical teams.

Simply stated, we connect kids when their world is out of reach.

Leslie Morissette founded Grahamtastic Connection in honor of her son Graham who sadly lost his battle to cancer in 1997 at age 8. While spending many hours with Graham at the hospital, Leslie became keenly aware of a great need for children and families to access the internet. It was this need that inspired her to create Grahamtastic Connection. In 1998 Grahamtastic supported 10 children in Maine. The program has grown to provide computers to more than 150 recipients a year.

Governance is overseen by the Board of Directors with Board members also actively involved in the mission of Grahamtastic Connection. The Executive Director, Leslie Morissette, is responsible for day-to-day program implementation with the support of some 70 volunteers.